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Mirrored Stellar Cosmic-Earthly Rivers. Finalist. 5th. Annual Colors.  International Online Juried A

Mirrored Stellar Cosmic- Earthly Rivers. SOLD

Mirrored Stellar Cosmic Earthly Rivers

Mirrored Stellar Cosmic Earthly Rivers II. SOLD

Rapid Waters Acrylic. 10'x10' 2018

Rapid Waters Acrylic. 10"x10" 2018. Commissioned

Cosmic Origines Acrylic 12'x12' 2019

Cosmic Origines Acrylic 12"x12" 2019. Commissioned

Interstellar Acrylic 11'x14' 2019

Interstellar Acrylic 11"x14" 2019

Marbled Waters Acrylic 7'x9' 2018

Marbled Waters Acrylic 7"x9" 2018

Planetary Golden Landscape Acrylic.

Planetary Golden Landscape Acrylic. 8" x 10" 2019

Geode Acrylic 10'x10' 2019

Geode Acrylic 10"x10" 2019 Commissioned

Cosmic Rivers Acrylic 9'x12'.

Cosmic Rivers Acrylic 9"x12". Finalist in the 5th. Annual Colorful Abstractions Juried International Art Exhibition Competition. Fusion Art contest Dic. 2019

Sap Cells. 2018 Acrylic 8' x 8'

Sap Cells. Acrylic 8" x 8". 2018 Finalist 5th. Annual Colors. International Online Juried Art Exhibition Competition. Fusion Art. March 2021

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